Arm Lift Recovery Tips


Your underarms may become jiggly with time due to heredity, growing older and weight fluctuations. These three can lead to loose skin, loss of skin elasticity and fat deposits on the arms. You can get your arm back in shape by undergoing arm lift surgery.

Arm lift surgery is also known as brachioplasty. The surgery involves lifting of the dropping tissue under the arm region all the way to the elbow. The surgery may also involve removing of fat deposits. Read more great facts on body lift beverly hills, click here.

Before you opt for arm reduction surgery, there are a number of complications or side effects you should be aware of. These include excessive scarring, bruising, prolonged swelling, numbness of certain parts of the skin, fluid retention, wound infections and/or delayed would healing. To reduce pain, inflammation, bruising and swelling after surgery, the surgeon can prescribe a special gel for you.  For more useful reference regarding arm lift beverly hills, have a peek here.

Since all surgery is invasive, it’s important to be well-prepared for the procedure. The preparation should also include optimal care strategies after the surgery. Here are some tips you can follow to enhance your arm lift surgery recovery.

i) Use high quality wound dressing
After the arm lift surgery, the surgeon is likely to use dressings or bandages to cover the incisions made. The dressings help to prevent infection and protect the wound from drying out. There are various types of dressings in the market. After brachioplasty, it is common to stay with the dressings for about 7 days. If you are prone to getting wound infections, you may require a different type of dressing.

Generally, it will take about two weeks for you to recover after an arm lift surgery. The recovery may be prolonged if your incision wounds get infections. This is why it’s important to keep all infections at bay. Any wound infections should be treated as soon as possible.

ii) Use compression garments
When the arm lift procedure has been completed, your arms may be wrapped in a compression garment or elastic bandage to improve blood circulation and prevent swelling.

You can add support, reduce swelling and bruising, and promote healing by using compression sleeves and vests. Before buying any compression clothes, confirm that they are comfortable and made of durable materials. For example, you may come across clothes that have open necks. These compression garments are stylish and do not show when worn under the clothes.

The above are two tips you can follow to promote your recovery after an arm lift surgery. Please view this site for further details.


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